Julie de Witt

Bio: Coaching for authenticity: Coaching at it's heart is so simple; as a coach I help people/groups explore what something means to them in order to move forward and thrive. I am for flourishing, not just coping - a life of coping sounds uninspiring doesn't it ! By the use of careful listening to your story and the use of questions I am to encourage you to think about what you want and how you want to get it. These will be your solutions, not mine by the way. I always listen non-judgementally, and that in it's self feels liberating for a client (I know, I've been on the receiving end too). This is a space for you. How often do we get that in today's frenetic paced world, where we worry about being enough, pleasing others, meeting demands and keeping up appearances of coping. Phew. Who am I ? I have a Diagnostic radiography background, currently a senior lecturer and researcher. I have developed my coaching skills by exploring my coaching philosophy and the influences I see on my practice. I am also passionate about patient experience, particularly in imaging practice. I am registered with HCPC, a fellow of the higher education academy; I have completed a University advanced diploma in coaching and mentoring (level 6) and I also am just about to finish an MA in education, with specialist pathway in coaching and leadership. This is quite a departure from my previous education (PgDip in nuclear medicine and DCR (R)) ! Loving every minute of this touchy freely stuff. I am also a mum, a single mum for many years actually, so I have some experience of the struggles life can bring ! I have juggled bringing up 2 children to adulthood whilst also juggling work and study. Of course, life brings different challenges all the time and I understand how important it is to have the courage to talk about these in order to move forward and flourish. Hiding emotion and struggle, coping, is a way of exacerbating the problems long-term if we are not careful. This is where coaching can bring a space to explore all that, in a safe and encouraging environment. What can I do? I'm a skilled and experienced public speaker as well as working one-to-one. I am based in Midlands, UK. I can also offer training/development for groups as well as one-to-one coaching. I have some expertise in resilience coaching, but life coaching, career 'cross roads' coaching, leadership coaching are all within my realm of skills. Want to find out more or discuss some coaching? Please feel free to email me: jtdcoaching@gmail.com In coaching it is absolutely vital that there is some 'chemistry' as you need to trust me, want to talk to me or the process will not work. Therefore any initial consultation will always be free. I also tweet at: @jtdcoachingWitt

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