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being the ‘bull in a china shop’: an exercise in vulnerability

This is a tale of the consequences of trying not to let others know that you need some assistance: a bull in a china shop story.

It can be hard to live up to others expectations, or perhaps you are comparing yourself to others around you or you have high expectations of yourself.  Not always a bad thing, this can motivate you to change, grow and develop of course.  But what if these expectations are false or even too high right now ? What then? 

This is a tale of trying to be something you are not – not yet anyway.  And that is competent at a task.  So, you’ve had the lesson, you’ve read a book or two and you think others (whoever they are) will expect you to be competent at this task.  Perhaps others are ( or seem to be) competent and you think you should be too.  So bluff it…. How bad can it be? 

You know sometimes ‘faking it’ can be ok, if it is purely a confidence issue rather than a competence one.  But what happens if faking it doesn’t pay off when it is a competence based task…. All sorts of trouble that’s what.  It may even mean that someone else pays the price.  And this is what can sometimes be seen in healthcare practice.

So here’s the coaching question; how do you feel about admitting weaknesses ?

Difficult ? You are not alone and knowing this you now need to know it is possible to move forward.  I’ll discuss more about compentence and confidence in a future blog, but for now consider for yourself – what would you need to know in order to be more comfortable admitting weakness or lack of knowledge ? What makes it possible to share this ?