on being your authentic self

Authenticity is so important and yet (in my experience) often neglected.  So how do you connect with your authentic self, what does that even mean and why might this have important ramifications for life and happiness?


What are your core values ? 

Wow, that’s a tough question ! This means thinking about yourself for a while, and how often do we do that ! OK, still finding that tough, not sure ? Consider this, if someone or something violates one of your core values you will feel:

  • Angry
  • Irritated
  • Violated
  • Etc..
Strong emotions ! 
For example, one of my core values is compassion; I would be prepared to step in and act as an advocate if I felt compassion was being compromised.  I would speak up even if that made me feel vulnerable.  That is a core value.
So, take some time this week to work out your values; write them down, draw them…. Whatever works for you.  If you are not sure then work with someone you trust, or a coach, and work out your list of values.  Keep this list safe and review this regularly.  
How to use this ? At times of challenge review your list.  Are you violating or being asked to violate won’t of your core values ? Is this why you feel challenged at this time ?   If it is then a coaching conversation may be of use in enabling you to move forward and back into a world where your values are upheld.



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